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Imagine this, a young woman graduated high school with straight A’s her dream in life is to be a lawyer. However, she will not even look for colleges to attend simply because she knows she will not be able to afford it. Unfortunately, this is a heart-wrenching reality for over half of all Americans. A Huffington Post poll recently expressed that 62% of American citizens believe that a majority of people cannot afford public college tuition. Just last year 57% of all American high school graduates decided not to attend their first-choice college despite being accepted simply because it was unaffordable. With the injustice of such high college tuition rates it is no wonder that less and less young adults are attending and the dropout rate is increasing. If public colleges were tuition free, the people would be better educated, the American dream would be even closer than ever before, and our society would flourish. Free higher education can be a possibility, many foreign countries are able to successfully run while still offering free college tuition, why can’t America? Free College is a pivotal necessity for today’s youth without it society will crumble. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 26 states, the right to education ensures, access to quality schools and to an education that is directed towards the full development of the human personality. According to the National Economic and Social Rights initiative (NESRI) the right…show more content…
The Better educated the people are the smarter they are about decision making. Free college will open new territories of opportunity not yet explored in the United states. Free Tuition is a necessity that will come sooner or later for the United States. As a result, America, will make progress at a rate that will rival any industrial revolution to ever occur on earth. Separate fantasy from reality and make Free college tuition an American
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