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Attending a college/university is a dream that every young teenager dreams about, sadly a lot them eventually come to the realization that college and universities are too expensive for them to even afford. That is why many will just choose to go straight into the workforce right after the graduate highschool. Sometimes even community college is too expensive for them.Obama is trying to tackle this problem by proposing his idea of making Community College tuition free for all students. Normally I would agree and say this is a wonderful proposal but after reading over Joanne Jacobs’ article “As He Promotes It, Some Question Obama’s Free Community College Idea,” I do not agree with his idea of making community college free. I believe it’s best if they do not work towards making community college free, they should work towards making CSUs’ free or at least a lot more affordable.
Free community college would be beneficial, there are not arguments about that, but it would help a lot more if more students would be able to attend CSU’s and universities As explained by Joanne Jacobs’ in her article, “As He Promotes It, Some Question Obama’s Free Community College Idea,” students attending
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Many student would be kept on waiting lists and it would cause a lot more chaos. It’s just like Michele Siqueiros explained, “Affordability doesn't help if a student can’t get into the right class or find help figuring out what classes to take.” CSU and university campuses already off a large amount of space for students to find what they need. They offer a variety of classes already as well as help and support to guide you through your college
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