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Traveling across an entire island from one end to another can be an exciting, but scary thing. It can be even more scary when you do the trip without any money. That is what Ben and George did in George’s book, Free Country. Two young guys started at the bottom of England at Land’s End and cycled their way up to John O’Groats, Scotland without spending a dime. They started off with nothing, but their boxer shorts. Everything they got along the trip: bikes, food, sleeping quarters, clothes was them talking people into giving it to them for free. In Free Country, the people who gave them supplies were very kind people. The book displays a lot of human nature through the many different themes of the book.
The most important human nature theme in the book to me was the kindness of people. George and Ben were on the trip for twenty one days and they got
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That which would mean Ben and George. Ben and George talked and socialize with people they met on the trip, but the majority of time it was just Ben and George. Everyone knows how it feels to get tired of someone. In the book, we as readers could definitely Ben and George got tired of each other sometimes or learn how to work with each other. They bickered multiple times in the book about the bikes, how miles to bike, where and when to stop for the night, and many other things. But at the end of day, we could tell they were always friends and worked very well together.
Free Country is a book that presents human nature very well and will open anyone’s eyes to how humans are. We saw how nice and giving people are. We are reminded of our thrive off the feeling of accomplishment. Also we are taught about getting along with people and how to work with people. Free Country is a very good book that was very educational. Anyone who loves the United Kingdom, humor, and learning a little about human nature will love
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