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INTRODUCTION Throughout history philosophers always debated the existence of free will. In society, free will defined as everyone can decide what they want to do. If it is about the freedom, people must have chance of making choices. Moreover, it is not enough to be given such a chance, it will also allow the use of this chance must be equipped with mechanism. The “will” is the name of this mechanism. Free will is not a decision making mechanism based on rules. The definition of free will is "a philosophical term of art for a particular sort of capacity of rational agents to choose a course of action from among various alternatives." (O'Connor 2010. Free will p.1). Without free will, to ensure the integrity of individualism and the development of consciousness are impossible. Free will is an individual human right. This right cannot be transferred to another such, cannot intervene in another’s free will. In other words, freedom of making decisions is the basic explanation of free will.
Free will is essential for
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Consequently, you must always be vigilant on your relationships. Your money affects your options in life and limits your options when acting freely. The bias cause by free will which is being restricted by money could lead to the loss of your friends. Certain hobbies are expensive to carry on with. Thus, banckruptcy withhold a person from his hobbies. Moreover, people tend to leave their friends and hobbie because of the bankruptcy. For example, a man who has fun with golf and his golf has to abandon them and not to play anymore because of money while some people have their own golf course. Hobbies become boring overtime to the ones who are not passionate enough this means, free will of choosing hobbies changes eventually.Yet, bankruptcy should not stop a man from persuing his dream hobby, for a true passionate man will eventually find the money he
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