Free Essay: Rebel By George Washington

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Rebel Essay
Throughout history, great men and women have rebelled against oppression, and won. Voltaire fought for freedom of speech. Confucius fought for peace and harmony. George Washington fought for democracy. I myself would fight for the environment, compulsory military service, and the freedom of information.
I would fight against a government with poor environmental standards. I have long been a proponent of government involvement in the protection and conservation of the environment. I am fine if a government doesn’t want to ban oil or spend a ton of money on conservation efforts. I believe in a more gradual and economically sustainable approach to environmental protection. What I can’t stand is when governments like China have negligent laws that allow for heavy pollution and environmental degradation (Rapoza). According to the Department of Health and Human Services, poor environmental quality can have detrimental effects on public health. Poor air quality is linked to early death and lung and heart problems, and contaminated water helps to spread pathogens and harmful chemicals
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I am a pacifist; I am not completely against war and violence, it is a means to self preservation of the person and the state. War can be used to fight against legitimate threats such as thieves, invading countries, and terrorists. Compulsory service in the military is a breach of my civil liberties and personal philosophy. That is a direct threat to freedom. I would be for a draft (such as in World War Two, as a means of self preservation) as a legitimate government activity to protect the country. But not if said government is the aggressor in the conflict, or the total number of soldiers needed could be hired in another way as to not force those into the army who don’t want to serve. As a pacifist, I believe that there are better ways to solve issues that don’t include missiles and bullets. Diplomacy is the way to
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