Free Essay: The French Revolution Of 1848

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The French Revolution of 1848 The French revolution of 1848 was, a groundbreaking war between then French people and their government. The people of France had enough and joined together, and attempted to overthrow the government. The system of the French government did not function in the best interest of the French citizens because of the economic crisis and the political differences between the upper and lower class. The economic crisis caused many citizens to rebel as their newly elected King wasn’t any help to their interest. “In 1846 a crop failure quickly developed into a full scale economic crisis: food became scarce and expensive; many businesses went bankrupt: unemployment rose.” (…show more content…
He specifically made a promise on a “policy”, however he didn’t do what he’d promised. “Proclaimed as a "citizen king," Louis-Philippe, duc d 'Orléans, a relative of the deposed Restoration king, took the throne. His period of rule, from 1830 to 1848, was categorized even at the time as a "bourgeois monarchy." This reflected in part the king 's deliberate policy of adopting the lifestyle of a wealthy bourgeois in contrast with his predecessors ' efforts to revive aristocratic court practices. The label also reflected, however, the sense that the new regime was dominated by bourgeois interests” (Popkin, Jeremy D. Page 290.). This angered many citizens (mainly the lower and middle class). They were also triggered by the idea that the upper-class had most rights rather than them also. The result of this was an all-out fight in Paris, for the help and rights the lower and middle class needed. Because of the political differences this caused the end of the monarchy to be overthrown and finally the start of the second republic. The French government system wasn’t the best for the French citizens, the economic and political issues made the country more divided. The French government did absolutely nothing to help their people, they didn’t realize that the whole country would be affected by their actions. The crisis France had faced could have been prevented, only if the government gave the necessary help and the rights
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