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I went to the Free Lunch Program on Saturday, August 28th. I got there at noon and people had just started getting their food. There was a line inside that went to the door. There were also quite a few individuals sitting outside of the facility. The first thing I noticed was that there were three police officers outside of the facility talking to two very calm individuals. I thought that this was a bit odd, but not many people around seemed bothered by it. It seemed like there may have been a dispute between the two, but it was quickly resolved and one of the individuals came into the free lunch program soon after the police left to get a meal.
I thought that the free lunch program was serving a pretty diverse group of people. There were quite a few older adults, middle aged, and even some early twenties to teenagers. However, the majority of the people there were all male. I am absolutely positive that there are many women and children that are in need of programs like the free lunch program. Thinking about how men and women experience many things differently and how this probably applies when seeking services. I think that it may be easier for a woman with children to receive services than it is for men at times. I do not know if this is a reason why there were more males, but I assume it could be
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There are many people in our communities who want to volunteer and help with things like free lunch programs. If the government were to take over these, we would not be utilizing the people who truly want to help others in their community. By having these organizations in place, that are not government affiliated, we are providing quality care and services to the community. By having the government involved there is a chance that the Free Lunch Program, and others like it would become a lot less hospitable and respectful to those that they

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