Free Narrative Essays: Eudokia In Homer's Odyssey

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Dusk fell upon me while I drifted across the sea;

I was alone, as my men upset Lord Helios, disobeyed me, and paid the price for their wrong doings.

As I drifted along the salty sea, my eyes rested upon a radiant island, shielded by rocks. I frantically swam toward the glorious isle, limbs moving feverishly, using all of my strength to get there.

But I fear my struggles had infuriated Poseidon further, as I was tossed away by the tempestuous waves created by only him.

When the waves hit me, my body fell limp, leaving me susceptible to the will of the salty crests. For a period of time we danced, the waves and I---

it was anything but delicate, and certainly against my will. We waltzed as the whitecaps crumpled me; swayed as the great surf
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She acknowledged to my inquiry: 'My name is Eudokia. I have learned to call this island my home, as I have abandoned all hope of returning to.’

'What exactly is this island called? '

So she responded:

'Kaldeania is the great name of this phenomenal place. And what do you call home? '

'My home is the great country of Ithaca. I am Odysseus, son of Laertes, and I have been severed from my family for a great many years. My predominant desire lies in want of being back home with my wife and my son. '

She smirked and replied: 'Alas, you seem distressed. Come with me. I will feed you a good meal and give you a place to rest, and in the morning, your troubled soul will breather and you can continue your journey onward. '

Upon acceptance of her offer, she began to lead me to our destination. The walk was brief, but it lacked a clear trail, and by the time we reached her home, many long thorns had cut my legs.

Yet, of all the sights I had seen, her home was the most breathtaking. Her living quarters, derived from a cave overlapping a large (yet fairly shallow) bathing pond, had torches lining the walls and two open doorways on

the rear wall to a space unknown by me. A sturdy ledge hugged the cave wall, allowing us to walk in, and large, bulky rocks
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