Free Narrative Essays: How Linsday Changed My Life

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Recently, a friend of the family, Lindsey, and my sister, Karie, went to Petco to volunteer. Earlier this year, during spring break, we went there often. So, considering this project required some sort of community involvement, and since we all had been wanting to go for a while now, I decided to call up Linsday and schedule some time we could all go together. Linsday is 19 and goes to college at Washburn University, originally on a softball scholarship, but just this summer she decided to quit softball in order to focus on other things in her life. I respected that, but still I was sad to see her leave something behind, especially something she was so brilliantly good at! But anyhow she’s been close to our family from since before the day I was born. Her father was a close friend of my dad. They used to bike together at…show more content…
to 1 p.m. By the time we got home I was exhausted, we had spent the day sitting through a 3-5 hour lecture on dog and cat safety, and then we took a tour of the main shelter and walked a couple dogs. After that we could volunteer at any KC Pet Project (the name of the organization) shelter. In our case, PetCo. We volunteered for a lot of Spring Break, and then during the summer when Linsday was back in town. We’ve volunteered for about two years I think now. Volunteering at PetCo looks something like this, you sign in, and check the board to see who has and hasn’t been played with, and also who needs to go on a walk. So based on their health condition we can play with them for as long as we want in a playroom they have so potential adopters can look at the dog’s behavior. Also we can walk them around the area so they can stretch their legs. The Pet Project area takes up a small corner of the actual PetCo store, so they fit as many dogs as they can with the space they have. This typically means about 6-9 dogs. I think volunteering is so rewarding, it helps build character. For example with
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