Free Narrative Essays: Should Teachers Make Slime?

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Slime . . . sure!

Don 't you hate when teachers take something away from you because they think you are not paying attention? Well I do! In my school everyone is into slime but the teachers do not allow it because they think it is too messy and a distraction. Well, I think it can actually help! Slime can help you pay attention and it can also show your creativity and keep you off the couch. If you think about it, slime is also work. You need to memorize the ingredients and can create different ways to make slime. I am trying to make teachers think about slime in a different way.

If you think about it, slime can help with many different things. For many people slime can make it easier to focus in class. Some people say they learn better when they are touching or feeling things. Other people say that when they are moving a part of their body it keeps their blood flowing and helps them concentrate. Some people even say that it can be used as a
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Slime keeps you doing something. If you think about it, you could be sitting on the couch all day watching TV, but when you are making slime you are moving and putting in effort. It is also just fun to make. When you are bored you can just start making slime. Also, if you are a parent, you will know that your kid will be doing something useful with their free time. Sometimes you have to look up the ingredients to put into the slime. Slime makes things fun so teachers should allow it.

Wouldn 't it be nice if teachers allowed you to have slime in school? Well I think that that is just what we need. It can stretch your imagination and make you think of outside of the box ideas. You can put colors and things into your slime to make it new and different. You can also memorize the ingredients and make new colors, too. Slime is a fun and interesting thing to make and create so I, and many other people, think that teachers should allow
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