Free Narrative Essays: The Murder Of Tom Robinson

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I stared out of the train window at passing grasses and trees. It was the end of the summer and everything seemed tired. The tree branches sagged with browning leaves drooping off of the thin wood and yellow grasses wilted under the waves of heat pounding down relentlessly from the sun. I was glad to be indoors, and while it was by no means cool in the train car, open windows provided a steady breeze that made the August heat bearable. I toyed with a stack of letters that sat in my lap, tied together with a single piece of twine. I gently tugged at the knot until I was able to untangle it and view the letter on top. My name and address were written in my mother’s blocky print across the center of the envelope. I gently reopened it and stared at the date. September 4, 1933. Almost a year ago now, the memory of receiving the letter flashed vividly in my mind. My aunt Alice had passed it to me as I was leaving for class one morning, and a feeling of dread had filled my stomach as I read while walking across campus to my first class.…show more content…
Tom Robinson has recently been accused of and arrested for the rape of Miss Mayella Ewell down the road. He has been taken to a jail outside of Maycomb, leaving poor Helen and her children on their own. The church has begun to raise funds to support them, but as we’re all in very tight financial situations ourselves, gathering a useful amount is proving to be difficult. Atticus Finch has been appointed as the lawyer for the case, so we are all keeping hope in our hearts for what’s to
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