Free Narrative Essays: Tonya's Murder Story

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Bam, boom, clash. That’s the sound of two reckless drivers. First the jewelery store and next the three people will rob the bank. Also there’s five killers going around. Tonya has 48 hours to catch all the people dead or alive it does not matter. She can’t let anyone down everyone is counting on her. She started running and then the rain came pouring down she ran faster till she was to a crime scene with one of the other police officers. There was lots of blood and lots of weapons. Tonya picked up one of the phones and there was a group chat open on one of the phones. The group chat was all talk about how they gonna murder someone tonight. Even after she read all the messages she was sure they just fronting. Right when I raised up, vroom two tight whips flew pasted Tonya. Tonya turned her head and jumped in a car and started chasing them in the car. She hit one of the cars on the side and it slung into a building. She slammed on her brakes and jumped out of the car. She raised the reckless driver up and handcuffed him. She got one reckless driver but there’s still one more to go. Tonya went back to the crime scene. It was just getting dark now so she took a flashlight with her to see the crime scene.…show more content…
Tonya finally figured out the killers names. Billy, Steve, Evan, Jimmy, and Franklin. She has 35 more hours to finish this mission everyone’s counting on her but can she really do it? She also read that they will be meeting at a gas station. Tonya rushed to the gas station, and slung open the door. She seen a group of five and figured that had to be them planning what they 're going do next. She heard them call each other by their names that she read on the

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