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On a free hit, every player on the fouled team is now on the offensive, no matter what their positions are. Each player has a job and if any person fails to complete it, it could result in a turnover and the opposing team will get the ball. There are several strategies and responsibilities during free hits, including: Pushing the team up the field Hitting the ball wide Dribbling to open space Cutting in front of the defensive wall Shielding the defence Stepping in front of the defence
Hit Wide
While inside your own defensive zone, hit the ball wide and up the field. By hitting the ball wide, you create space and give your team the opportunity to receive the ball safely. Unless you have plenty of room, do not
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The shield players do not stop the ball, but rather prevent the defence from stopping it. The ball is sent to a player on the forward line.

Free Hits inside the 25-yard Line
In November 2009, the Hockey Rules Board added a new rule to the rulebook. It stated that a free hit within the 25-yard area of the goal must travel at least five yards. Therefore the ball must be touched, deflected, or passed to another player before entering the shooting circle. This rule created a lot of confusion for current players, as the rule previously stated that the ball could be hit directly into the circle.
So for free hits inside the 25-yard line, set plays should be prepared so that every player has a certain role. One possibility is that the hitter either dribble the ball five yards before taking a shot on goal, or make a five yard pass to a teammate.
Another set play could be a flat pass to a teammate who immediately takes a shot at the far post of the goal. Everyone else on the team would be rushing toward the goal to get ready to deflect the ball into the goal after the shot.
You can create various versions of this play by working with your coach and team to configure a
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