Free Speech: Happy Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentines Day 2015

You choke on her very name. Don’t you?
You still can’t quite muster up the courage to say it now that she’s no longer yours. Beads of sweat on your forehead and you are not quite sure why. Perhaps because that was the last place her lips touched you when she said goodbye for the last time. Perhaps it’s because you think you can feel her kissing your temple every Thursday at 2 Am. You still hear the sounds of her footsteps going away from you, and you can hear the gentle click of the door closing.
The worst is when you hear the silence devouring the beat of your heart into nothingness. The worst is the way you remember sitting in your room crying for her. You chanted her name like a prayer hoping the gods would
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You will read her like a holy book. You will worship her like a holy book. Blooded knees from kneeling, and dry mouth from chanting he name like a prayer! But she will leave anyway. You will feel the ghost of her hands against your skin for months. Her voice will echo in your room and you will run downstairs to check if she’s actually back. You will find yourself saying her name. It will be frightening. It will be like a haunting, but it will never be real. You will still love her. Don’t let her go, don’t make your worst mistake. This teddy day, the best gift that you can give to her is treating her like a teddy. Treat her like a teddy and handle her with care. Happy Valentines Day…show more content…
Some lose them eventually. So you are lucky enough to have them, make them feel special. Make this Happy Valentines day 2015, the most memorable day for them. Cherish the moments. You won’t realise how easily they said good bye until you will realise you deserved only the kind of love you gave. Not the enormous love they sparkled on you. Value your loved ones. It will shatter you like lightening threaten to strike but then you will wish that they were there with you on your every step. Seize the day my friend.
Your heart won’t acknowledge their absence and then you will fall in love with their memories. Memories will be the only things left. Don’t let your love fall apart. Love is horrid and terrible, but it would be a less terrifying if you will tell them how much your heart is aching for them. Or the silence will consume you and you won’t be able to unlearn the way their voice soothes your soul.
Make this valentines day 2015 special and make your love a never lasting one. Make your forever infinite. Love them to the moon and beyond. Happy Valentines Day 2015. Wish you a great year for your love

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