Free Speech In America Essay

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Free Speech is important because we need to be able to voice are opinions and have discussions and/or arguments with people about our beliefs and ideas. We do have some amount of free Speech in America but it 's getting small because people say 'you offend me ' or 'That 's Offensive ' and the government keeps limiting it because people are being wimps. If you says something about me and it 's offensive I don 't say 'your being offensive. You need to be fired ' or something like that. Instead I say 'hey! Don 't call me that it 's not true! ' or 'I 'm not that. Where did you hear that? '. But I don 't yell and scream until someone, the government, comes in and saves me from the big mean person offending me. That 's what I think college kids do. They whine like babies or small child that got their favorite toy taken away. They need to stop throwing temper…show more content…
Another thing that I find important is the different terms like Sexist or Raciest. Sexist is just another way to say woman hater. That 's really all it is. But people act like it 's more then that when it 's not. One of the people talked about on “Concerned in America” was a scientist who landed a probe on a comet. While he was at the press conference for it he was wear a shirt that had women in 'interesting ' clothes and he apologized for it and still people continued to hate on him. He did extraordinary things and yet people hate on him for making one clothing mistake. And then there is Racism. Which means you hate someone for their race. Like you can 't call a black person a nigger, if your white. Now it 's somewhat okay if a black person calls another black person a nigger. Is it fine for people to not hire you because of your race or just because your skin is to Tan, or Pale, or Dark? Not in are current society. But it used to be that way. I don 't think we should do that but it 's a persons choice. Because its all on how a person acts not because of their race. Though that is
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