Black Lives Student Movement Analysis

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Activists have been playing a key role in advocating for respect of human rights in institutions, and in different countries. Some of the institutions that have such experiences are colleges and universities. Different movements have been formed in the past and even at current times. An example of a movement that represented students was the “freedom of speech movement at Berkeley.” Then there is a current movement called Black lives matter”. Every movement focuses on getting a specific issue addressed by those in authority whether it is their institutions or even in government offices. The freedom of speech movement at Berkeley focused on having regulations limiting freedom of expression through censorship while the black lives matter focuses…show more content…
The guiding principle for those who wish to join the movement is that they should be incorporate diversity, empathy, globalism and restorative justice in their activities. The campaign was begun because of violence against black students and the unequal allocation of resources to schools which was based on racism. They had the idea that social justice should be served to all in and nobody should be denied justice because of their race. The students were interested in establishing an agency that can address issues facing black students since the administration was not doing anything to help end the mistreatments despite the student's attempts to have them address the issues. Black students felt they were being sidelined in most of the activities just because they had a different skin…show more content…
He was the main man, and he had other people who were supporting him like Jack Weinberg, Jacke Goldberg, and Bettina Aptheker. These were student leaders. It was informally formed although it still operated under his leadership. Savio was the central power in the movement.
The black lives matter movement can be described as a decentralized network. The movement lacks any formal authority hierarchy. No specific leader can be said to be the main person leading the campaign. Different people in different institutions can call for action such as demonstration when something that seems to be associated with racial discrimination occurs. They will hold street demonstrations, and they can be joined by other citizens who share a similar idea. styles Free speech movement applied civil disobedience in its pursuit of its objective. They demanded that the administration should acknowledge students right to engage in political activities on campus. The movement also fought for academic freedom. The movement was influential, and its influence can be witnessed even in today’s school community. The civil disobedience on the campus includes not showing identity cards to the police guarding the entrances to the campus. When Jack Weinberg refused to show he identity card, he was arrested. Students blocked the road and hundreds of students surrounded the car which was to transport him, and it could
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