Free Speech On Social Media

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With the continuous development, more and more people are joining the social media platforms. Almost all mobile phones used today can access the Internet and makes it easy for people to use social media sites. People who have not joined any of the social media sites described as old and lack of technological knowledge. With so many people who use social media sites, the whole world interconnected, and information can spread from one corner of the world to the hall in a short time. If the data is wrong, it can cause chaos all over the world. Many demonstrations have planned for social networking sites, so social media are compelling and should carefully monitor and organised (In Ichou, & Unesco, 2015). The mandate of controlling the information posted on the social media left to the social media companies. Many people feel safe in the cocoon of online anonymity, and this makes them say anything they think irrespective of whether it is true or not.
People justify the information they post on the social media sites that they are entitled to free speech. According to the constitution, people can express themselves without constraint or interference from the government. However, the government has the right to deter someone from engaging in a speech if it has substantial evidence that the content of the speech is false and once relayed public it can have detrimental effects. The social media sites are usually in a dilemma of how to create rules and policies to govern content
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