Free Speech Persuasive Speech

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Words have power and not to just inspire, but to harm, separate, intimidate, and in some cases kill. Although the freedom to say what we wish is a right that every American is given, which speech should be protected and which should not? The line between offensive and harmful language is a very thin one with no real definable border. It is impossible to avoid offending everyone now and days, but attempting to harm another with words to deliberately cause emotional or psychological damage should be unacceptable. Charles Lawrence, Derek Bok, and Gwen Wilde all had interesting perspectives on the first amendment and what controversial ways it is used.
The right to petition, to assemble, of the press, to practice any religion, and free speech are literally the most basic rights each citizen of the United States of America is entitled to. Being able to say and believe whatever they want to gives people a sense of freedom and comfort in their nation. This idea of freedom instated by our government creates a sense of patriotism inside of the hearts of Americans. Devotion to one’s country can breed not only cooperation between citizens, but also drastic intimidation. As humans we view anything that differs from our version of normality as a threat and we usually try to distance ourselves from that alien concept. Religion, something used as a source of building community and faith has been the source of human conflict and intimidation.
The Pledge of Allegiance is known nationwide
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