Free Speech Persuasive Speech

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There is no action more honourable than to give one’s life for the sake of another. When we reflect on this sentiment, we think of our firefighters and police force, who throw themselves to the forefront of life-and-death situations to save lives. We think of our military, who willingly step onto the battlefield, putting their lives in danger to protect our country and our people. But we might not think of free speech, the man we remember today. “What has he done for me?”, you may ask. Firefighters fight fires, police fight crime, and soldiers fight terror. But what has free speech fought? Apart from other people, with his loudmouthed personality and ugly verbal attacks? Well, I’ll tell you what he has fought. Injustice. All over the world, throughout all of history, and impacting all of us. He was the champion of change, the father of our freedom, but a prisoner to the powerful. As an unabashed campaigner for reform, and the courageous voice for those oppressed by authorities, free speech wilfully bore the assaults from those in power who wished to silence him. But in the face of adversity he thrived, and consequently, so did humanity. He was the mentor of history’s most impactful activists, giving them the artillery to convey their ideas and tackle injustice in its most violent forms. He sat alongside Rosa Parks on the bus when she famously spoke up against racial segregation, refusing to give up her seat for a white man. He inclined Martin Luther King to be the voice
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