Free Speech: The Dangers Of Freedom Of Speech

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It is an inherent right to express and communicate one’s ideas and opinions. but it should not be protected regardless the consequence or expense due to the possibility of it compromising the peace, safety or rights of society.

For the most part, freedom of speech should not be protected when it offends or insults the principle, faith or beliefs of another, potentially causing the breakdown of peace and leading to dissension. An example of this would be with the administrators of The Real Singapore, a socio-political website who had their license to operate the site suspended by the Media Development Authority for having published material deemed to be objectionable on the grounds of public interest, public order and national harmony, which
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Contrasting to the point above, the case of Charlie Hebdo is also a closely tied in example in regards to one’s right to freedom of speech. Many saw it as a fight towards the ability to speak unreservedly and without the fear of repercussions. People are always quick to point to human rights at the mention of free speech. However, if said freedom puts civilisation into disarray and destruction, where would the place for progress be to begin with? The best way to protect free speech is to prevent it from being misused and becoming a drawback of society. The right to free speech should not be at the expense of someone else's freedom of religion or right to life, liberty and security of person, which are also human rights. To say that this right should be protected at all cost is stretching it too far out, for there are some things that cannot and should not be compromised. Hence, not to say that Free speech should not be protected, but it should be exercised with responsibility and prudence so that it would not become an abuse of the right to do
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