Free Speech: The Main Themes Of Hate Speech

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C: The atmosphere in America about hate speech has become a spotlight topic and there 's a discussion if free speech should protect it. E: The main argument against hate speech being allowed as free speech is the fact that it provokes people into actions. E: And the projection of hate speech in Charlottesville, Virginia led to a day of riots and a death of 1 person and 19 injured (Heim). A: this shows a direct connection from hate speech to violent actions.E: Another argument against hate speech is that it is cancerous in nature and will spread. E: throughout the internet hate speech is spreading and causing widespread bullying of minorities such as LGBT kids(Horne). A: This shows that free speech is the singular buffer for the hate speech to spread. With these points free speech is important to keep to protect the minority from the majority.E: This is because without free speech ideas that go against the status quo could be seen as unreasonable. E: This was shown in the 1960s with civil rights ending segregation, and without free speech, these ideas would have been seen as a disgrace and quickly shunned (Stanley).A: This shows how in the past free speech helped people with major civil rights cases. E: The other point is that by censoring free speech, it won 't stop hate speech at all and people will find other ways to spread the speech. E: This is because “Banning bigoted speech won’t end bigotry, even if it might chill some of the crudest expressions. The mindset that
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