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November 11th, 2015

The Perfect Free Throw A free throw is an uncontested shot at the free throw line, that is given when the other team opponent fouls you or one of your teammates. Free throws are some of the most important things in a game, sometimes free throws usually determine if you win or lose close games. Even though free throws are easy given shots doesn’t mean they will fall, without the right technique and practice. There are many ways one can shoot a free throw but as long as you have the right techniques and steps like, beginning with stepping to the free throw line, and following the rest of the way with B.E.E.F (Balance, Eyes on target, Elbow straight, Follow through) shooting free
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If you think your not going to make your free throws nine times out of ten you’re not. If you don't make it is okay, even Michael Jordan missed a couple free throws, but confidence is key. On every basketball court the there's a free throw line, and at the free throw line there’s a mark on the line that tells you where the center of the line is even with the basketball hoop. So if you’re right handed you should place your shooting hand leg even with the center of the free throw line, same way if you shoot with your left hand. Placing your shooting hand on the center of the line will help with your shot a bunch. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, feet should be pointed straight forward and squared to the basket. Approaching the line isn’t so hard just remember to have confidence, find the center of the free throw line where it centers with basket. Place your shooting leg when you find the center and make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. This is the most easiest thing when it comes to shooting a free…show more content…
The first E in B.E.E.F stands for eye’s on the target. Your eyes should be focused on the the back part of the rim, looking through the net. You don’t want to lose your target, once you find it focus on it.
E. Second E in B.E.E.F is elbows straight and aligned. The positioning of your arms serves as a base for your entire shot. Appropriate aligned elbow and stable positioning and arrangement of hands makes certain that your shot will follow its intended direction towards the net. When getting ready to shoot you should keep your lower arm vertical, forming a 90-degree angle with elbowed positioned precisely under the ball. Raise your elbows slightly, you want to avoid aligning them too far outward or inward.
F. The last letter in the aspect of B.E.E.F shooting concept, known for as the “follow through” because the shooter will accomplish a full range of arm mobility required to finish and complete the shot. Your hands should be securely planted on the ball, wrist should flick forwards leading the basketball towards the net. The ball should be shot upward with an arch so you have to extend arms and fully flick the wrist on the release of the

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