Free Will And Choices In Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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In the play Macbeth, fate and choices play a significant factor in the overall outcome of the events that take place. The choices made by Macbeth and other characters wove a web of results that created the tragic rule and death of Macbeth himself. He allows many factors to manipulate his decisions such as his wife, actions of his once beloved friends, and of course the three witches and apparitions. However, it is possible that Macbeth could have changed his fate and avoid his perilous end. By choosing to completely ignore the witches in the beginning, Macbeth could have completely prevented any of the tragic events. If he had ignored the witches’ prophecy, he would have never murdered the king. Then, Duncan would have remained king, and Banquo would not have been murdered. Macduff’s family wouldn’t be affected, and they would remain alive. However, the witches knew of Macbeth’s ambition and tempted him with the promise of the crown. This caused him to fall in their trap and follow their every word like it was law. If Macbeth had dismissed the witches and their prophecies, his life would have continued as normal.…show more content…
After informing her of the witches’ prophecy, she quickly devises a plot to assassinate King Duncan. Macbeth attempts to back out of the plan, but his wife mocks him and challenges his sense of pride and manhood. Because of this, he decides that he must go through with it. Her own ambitions and greed led her to do this, but ultimately it would be both of their downfalls. If he had continued to refuse, and never killed the king, it also would have changed his

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