Argumentative Essay: Fate Vs. Free Will

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There is no evidence that states people can unquestionably know whether fate or free-will is real. Most people believe that their fate is chosen by God, and free-will is the concept of making your own choices without fate intervening. I believe in a combination of both free-will and fate. There are arguments to support both concepts; however, I think that everyone has free-will, and the choices made through free-will lead to fate. Although many people will argue that there is only free-will or only fate, with both free-will and fate people are given a feeling of independence and distinguish that life has a purpose which are both shown in Macbeth. Given the idea of free-will, people feel more independent. By believing in free-will, a person is thought to have control in their choices. According to Commentary on Science and Society, people want to have freedom in their choices. This statement reveals that most people believe in free-will because of their need to be independent and have control…show more content…
According to Fate vs. Freewill, “This group includes many religious people.” This reveals that most people that believe in fate also believe in God or a higher power. Through believing in God, people contemplate that he already has their future set in stone. For example, “If you believe in a God then you likely believe that that God is responsible for the creation of the universe and all of the happenings within it” (Live, Love, Simple). This statement demonstrates how the belief of God creates the idea of fate. Because of the view on God and his creation of earth, many people assume he also has determined their fate, and no matter what decision they make, God is in control of it. By believing this, people are given a purpose in life that only God knows. As is seen, the concept of fate creates the idea to a person that their life has a certain purpose that was created by God or a higher
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