Free Will Compare And Contrast Nietzsche And Wittgenstein

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When seventeen year old Will's mother is killed in a car crash, his world is torn apart. One week later, he starts searching for an ultimate truth that will lead him to all the answers.
He finds and tries to understand the words of Seneca, Nietzsche, Plato, Wittgenstein and several other philosophers. He asks 20 big questions, none of which have answers.Will and his brother grow closer, then back apart and their dad takes up drinking as a coping mechanism. He dabbles in religions, then wonders about God. What is "God's plan?" Is God dead? Along the way, he meets a girl. He falls in love with that girl, and he has sex for the first time. Will begins taking risks, some positive, and others negative. But while living his life to its limits, he
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