Free Will In College

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Free will may move us in certain ways, certain ways that could be good or bad depending on the decisions made. In school specifically in college there is a vast amount of free will considering no one will hold your hand that is the assumption of being a free college student. Mommy and daddy aren’t here to look after you and nor are your instructors. Having the great benefit of free will learning time management is essential to one’s education. This can be taught in the college’s first year education courses. Time is never on our side whether agreed upon or not it will always move, the clock will forever tick. Since the clock is ticking shouldn’t the importance of one’s education tick right along with it? Many college students say it’s not enough…show more content…
This will give the instructor a better viewpoint on whether to be lenient or not with a student. No matter what the health condition is health is number one and the college staff administration should so kindly take this into consideration for the future success of college students In order to academically succeed one must be given the time to do so…maybe extra time. As said before time is never on our side it waits for no man. A Grace period is needed for many reasons for college students one thing that can hinder us all is our health, this is known as a fact to be. Health is the most important thing getting a good hearty breakfast the proper sleep and exercise can boost the brain and body. One reason why grace periods can be more than useful is because of the sudden unexpected sickness as a college student we come in contact with a lot of people and things becoming sick is never the intention. Sure instructors feel the same, even at times they have to cancel class due to sudden unexpected sicknesses, so why not implement the grace period? The flu asthma and diabetes are all college health issues. Having diabetes a daily medication is provided as well as the individual having to stick themselves this is a reason why a student may miss class or potentially be late. Two, Mentioning the flu it’s that time of season and if a person knows about the flu then they know it can be deadly also. Can it be so deadly to miss class? Can it be so deadly to miss a whole week of class? Yes is the answer to those questions because the body goes through changes every day and its positive to go through changes if one is sick, that time might be needed for a student to recuperate. As long as the student communicates he or she should be in good standing with their instructor. Three, a student has asthma which means an inhaler is going to have to be nearby if not mistaken, however, what

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