Free Will In Emily Shelby's Uncle Tom

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Emily Shelby was the first mistress of Uncle Tom, who is a kind woman believing in Christianity. The mercy from her let Uncle Tom become a sincere person who worked very hard. Mrs. Shelby wanted to use moral power to change the slaves’ mind to make them believe in the god. However, as a woman who lived at that time, she could not change her husband’s decision by her willingness when she heard that her husband wanted to sell the Uncle Tom to the slave owner. Because all of her money was belonged to her husband. However, she tried her best to let another slave run away from the control of the slave owner by utilizing the wisdom of the woman. She make a subtle hint to Marks, the other slave who was asked to help the slave owner to catch the poor Eliza and her little son. Through these measures, at last the slave owner give up the task that catching the brave young mother. Then, Uncle Tom start his heavy fate, he sited in a boat with the slave owner to the south land. And during the route to the south, he saved the little…show more content…
Legree was a crazy and crude man who like to abuse the slaves. He also is the representative of slavery’s most horrendous evils in this novel. He believed that the slaves are born with the humble soul and only the tyranny can let them be hard work. He hoped Tom can be the abet of the violence. However, the kind Christian Tom would not do this brutal things and tried to dissuade him from abusing other slaves. The kindness characteristic let Legree recollect the past when he was a child, his mum also tried to prevent him doing these things. However, he chose to support the slavery and was influenced by his father’s opinion that the slaves just the humble miserable wretch who was punished by the god. He found the same characteristics from Tom just like his mother, which made him be fiery with the feeling of destroy. Finally, honest Tom was killed by this cold-hearted
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