Free Will Vs Determinism Essay

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In this essay, I will argue from a compatibilist perspective arguing that free will does exist, and it is consistent with determinism. Compatibilism means that free will can exist with determinism [177]. Incompatibilism means that it is not possible for free will to exist with determinism [172]. Free will occurs when people’s actions come from their second order volition [184]. Second order desires requires you to first desire something, and to then have a desire about your first desire [184]. Determinism means that every event is caused and determined by another event, with causes that link to the beginning of time, and will continue until the end of time.
In this paragraph, I will first be arguing that (physical) determinism is true, which
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The earth evolved until perfect conditions were met to allow for the first life forms. Various other changes to the earth, caused by various other things such as meteorites, led to the destruction and the creation of various new life forms. Various physical causes led to the creation of the first human. As more time went by, more specific environmental causes led to the existence of me. I am who I am as a result of not only my genetics, and other environmental conditions, but I am the result of certain physical events that has come before me. What came before me has led to me making the decisions that I make, such as the decision to right this paper on free will, and every decision that I make will cause different future events. I am a product of some physical events that came before me, and me as I am now, or my very existence, would not be possible without what that has occurred before me. If the big bang never happened, I never would have existed. I am who I am now, and I made the decisions that I have made, and will make, as result of every single physical event that has occurred before me (including my past decisions). Every physical
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