Freedom And Feminism In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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Emily Bronte was born in Yorkshire, England, on July 30th, 1818. She lived in her own world filled with imagination, due to her extensive reading habit. Her mother’s early death brought her and the siblings in such a state; in which they had to struggle to live alone. In her world of scattered imagination she wrote poems which had the notions of rebel, freedom and isolation, on the other hand her poems were also optimistic in which she tried to give a rise to every other incident moving towards a downfall. Her isolated childhood and the nursing received at an early age by her aunt had left grave impact on her life. The realities Emily and her siblings had faced were quite a reflection in her only novel, Wuthering Heights. The characters developed within the novel and the incidents were quite similar to their life such as the isolation Catherine chose for her life, Cathy’s fight for her freedom and Catherine’s desire of acquiring true love. As well as Hindley being a brother of Catherine was not supportive towards her and made a disaster of his life just like Emily’s real brother. On top of all, the early death of Mr. and Mrs.…show more content…
Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, was regarded to be her masterpiece. It deals with the stability of the society, the religious outcomes, politics, law, art and literature, and according to Karl Marx the contradiction of the social system is one which ultimately leads to such a revolution which develops a new rule in the society on the old ones. It will not only focus on the class system but the chain of social, economical and psychological links of every passing day in
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