Frederick Douglass Pursuit Of Education Essay

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Slavery coincides with ignorance, just as education coincides with freedom. Slavery relies on ignorance to maintain order and control over slaves; thus, preventing slaves from recognizing the empowerment of education, and the ability it possesses to equip them in the pursuit of freedom. Frederick Douglass’s pursuit of education helps him discover the hidden truths of slavery in his article, “How I Learned to Read and Write.” Thus, Douglass’s pursuit of education inspires his desire for freedom. The desire to learn generates determination and motivation. While still a young slave, Douglass’s master forbids his wife from continuing to teach Douglass the alphabet because it did not align with the common worldview that educated slaves had no value to their masters. Douglass never understood the power of a white man to enslave and demean a black man. However, his master’s passionate claim initiated his pursuit towards freedom as he recalls, “From that…show more content…
“The Columbian Orator” has profound effects on Douglass’s life, as he recalls, “The readings of these documents enabled me to utter my thoughts, and to meet the arguments brought forward to sustain slavery.” (Douglass, 2014, p. 132) Douglass’s ability to read empowered him to read documents which strengthened his stance against slavery, giving his arguments validity and basis, rather than only his biased opinion. As a result, he has the opportunity for a credible argument. He continues to further his pursuit of education by learning how to write. He conveys the importance of knowing to write by saying, “. . . I wished to learn how to write, as I might have occasion to write my own pass.” (Douglass, 2014, p. 134) Douglass recognizes the ability to write as a vital component in his pursuit of education, empowering him to effectively communicate. While Douglass has yet to fully understand the power of an education, he starts to understand the importance of
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