Freedom And Freedom Of Religion And Freedom Of Speech

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If you try to convince someone that what he believes, and the life he lives is something wrong and wrong, facing almost certain confrontation with that person. You endanger his inner stand for the meaning of his existence. This is because faith, and especially religious, transcendent faith defines deep in the human soul the meaning of human life, the direction of its existence. This deep nature can not exist without obtaining expression in the lives of people through word and action. Freedom to believe and freedom to express their faith are the two dimensions of the same category - human freedom to seek sense realized in political and social terms.
We need a few brief terminological distinctions before you continue with the relationship between freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
Terminological clarifications
Religion and "religious freedom" are two different concepts. Religion is man 's faith in God. It is associated with inner conviction and hope for the existence and reality of the Supreme Personality, which is related to the person, his life, his society. Therefore, faith is something personal, irrevocable, but something important public importance.
Freedom of religion is another kind of category - it is a political opportunity and public 's faith to be realized in society. If I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, is important for me to be able to talk about it publicly, write books and to distribute them and to win followers of these my convictions. An

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