Freedom And Power Analysis

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You may think that freedom and power are not similar at all. For example, in the real world and in the book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou everyone must have power to gain freedom and vice versa. Altogether, one must have power to gain freedom and vice versa. Every person in the whole world has to have freedom in order to achieve power. In the book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings one has to power to gain freedom. Dr. Lincoln owed some money to Momma, and Momma went to Dr. Lincoln to figure out if he could help her since she helped him when he needed money. The author explains, “Momma and her son laughed and laughed over the white man’s evilness and her retributive sin”(pg.164). Dr. Lincoln technically had more power than Momma, but since Dr. Lincoln owed money to…show more content…
Like Kim Jong Un he is a dictator so in response he has the freedom to do whatever he wants a newspaper article states what he has done, “More likely this is perhaps a way for Kim to consolidate his power within a large, inscrutable bureaucracy that’s dominated by much older and more experience cadres who may have resisted the leadership” ( Kim Jong Un has all the power since he is the dictator of North Korea so in response he had the power to kill whoever he wanted. Kim Jong Un gained freedom by getting the choice to kill whoever he wanted without him killing them instead his army kills them for him. Hitler also a dictator gained freedom with power history states, “Hitler clearly did not believe in giving back captured territory, so in the biggest shake-up of all, he declared himself commander in chief of the army“( Hitler had the power to gain freedom because he was a dictator, which brought him the power to make himeself the commander of the army. Both Kim Jong Un and Hitler gain freedom because they have power. Altogether, if one most want freedom you must have power
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