Freedom In Africa Chapter Summaries

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order affected the individual lives and left them with despair. Not only Salim and Ferdinand but the all young boys and businessmen met with the tragic end. The society again would have to start itself from the beginning after these feuds. The fourth chapter explains how the freedom wears mask and hides its face in Africa. Many countries, ruled by the Europeans, have struggled to secure their individuality; they eventually succeeded getting the freedom. Africa is not allowed to get its real freedom. And again Africa which seems to suffer the pain as the European culture has started to emerge, the cultural and tradition of Africa has started to submerge. It causes many local feuds and the ethnic groups continually went up against the new system. The settlers who are all already far from their native, original culture and individuality and it is inflexible for them to adapt in Africa and it is got even worse as the African society itself gone through new cultures. They officially get everything good but in the reality nothing is good. It is like an illusion that they could…show more content…
It is an irony that there is no actual freedom in Africa. Ferdinand and Salim’s situation is an example to show how ridiculously they are caged in a small square. Salim could not lead his deserved life in the town; and still could not attain his individuality - his process has stopped even before reaching his goal; Ferdinand even though an official lives his life at the stake. The purpose of freedom is totally failed. Naipaul does not want to mix the myth with the real status of the society. The African society in “A Bend in the River” cannot attain the happiness in a single stroke. The people suffer even after the independence. They have to start up again after their current feuds. It is like a mirage that there is no reality but the illusion. The nation got its freedom with the hidden

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