Freedom In Baseball

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When I pull up to the field I can feel it starting. Soon I’ll be free of everything else in my life. All the stress disappears for a while, but will soon reappear before the first pitch of the game. While walking the field I start to feel anxious, I want to know if i’ll start the game and if i do, what position will coach put me at. While warming up before the game, I feel excited. Excited to be that much closer to doing something I love. Whether I start the game or not when the team huddles up and one of the players leads us in our team chant and the huddle breaks I couldn’t be happier. After the umpire announces the start of the game I immediately feel overwhelmed with stress but it 's a positive stress, this stress makes me want to succeed and prove myself to the upperclassman on the team. This stress makes me want to make every play look effortless and hit every ball over the fence, all these thoughts and feelings take place before the first pitch. All the stress is relieved once again after I take the field or walk up to the plate for my first at bat. It feels if nothing matters at all except for the game. For the first time in that day I feel free, like I have all the freedom I could ever desire. Freedom in baseball to me is running down the baseline after getting a hit. Freedom in baseball to me is making a great play and hearing all the parents applaud you.…show more content…
To me freedom in baseball is blowing a fastball past the batter to strike him out and watching him walk back to the dugout.When I’m playing catcher and I throw a runner out who 's trying to steal a baseball, I feel
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