Freedom In Handmaid's Tale

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Freedom is something that we all want, we are all born with it. Yet there are places where freedom is not a born right, but a privilege. In the United States we have the freedom to do whatever we want as long as it stays within the law. However not all nations have this privilege like China where the government controls the internet and Russia where the news is controlled by the government. When we see and hear the amount of freedom people from other nations get, we speak to the T.Vs and the radios, saying “someone should help them”, “that’s not right”, “I could never live like that”, and yet we take our freedom for granted. Yes not all people in the United Sates take their freedom for granted, but majority due. This is a problem because as a nation we see freedom as something that can’t be taken away and that’s not true. Freedom is a born gift that we must cherish and protect, because if we…show more content…
In this novel we follow Offred a women that was a live before the regime took over. So she knows how life was before and also knows the freedoms that where taken away. In the novel women are split up into different groups. The commander’s wives, handmaids, Marthas, and econ-wives, etc. Offred is a handmaid, and as a handmaid her ‘job’ is to get pregnant by a commander, give birth, and move to another house and do the same thing. In this society this is seen as an important job because the regime that took over was a prolife, conservative group. Because handmaids have such an important job they have less freedom than the other women do. The handmaids can’t eat whatever they, they can do anything that will cause harm to their bodies or endanger their fertility. They also don’t freedom over their own body either. However everyone in this society has lost some sort of freedom, some more than
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