Freedom In Jack Kerouac's On The Road

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After the second world war, a new generation is born, The Beat generation. Drugs were rampant throughout the country and it was a way that people could express their freedom. Many authors were either born in or lived through it. They wrote how, freedoms accepting other and just pure happiness. Jack Kerouac lived through this generation and wrote his famous novel On The Road. In the book he shows what The Beat generation about, what freedom can do for an individual, and how it formed his moral beliefs. On March 22 1922 in Lowell Massachusetts Jack kerouac born. In his early life his brother Gerard died of rheumatic fever at the age of nine. This filled his childhood with grief and made him antisocial with very few friends. Later he turned into a handsome athletic young man in high school. He got a scholarship at Columbia university for playing football but later dropped out to become a merchant seaman. He instead enlisted into the navy. But as soon as he got into the navy he was discharged for disobeying orders and having an uncaring personality. It was known that while writing the novel On The Road he taking benzedrine. Later severe alcoholism took control of his life, “which led to cirrhosis of the liver and internal bleeding that took his life on October 21 1969” (“On the Road,” Literary). But the popularity of his books still rose after his death. Near the end of Kerouac’s life he wrote a best selling novel, On The Road. The novel is about two young adults traveling
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