Freedom In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Freedom is the ability to be oneself unapologetically; to not be persecuted for existing as yourself. In Lorraine Hansberry famous work A Raisin In The Sun the topic of freedom is explored through the Younger’s struggle for a better life in a racist world. The themes shown in the play can easily be seen in our world today, especially with the upturn in racially motivated issues. The Younger’s journey to a better life mirrors the struggles still faced today with minorities trying to find their freedom, as themselves.

An overarching theme in the play is identity, especially the character of Beneatha; she is progressive and decided to fight back against assimilation to reclaim her identity throughout the tough challenges she faces. When talking to her Nigerian suitor, Asagai, the man who led her to these beliefs says, “You came up to me and said.. Mr. Asagai- I want very much to talk with you. About Africa. You see, Mr. Asagai, I am looking for my indentity!” (1.2.98). While Beneatha and her family are 100% American, she is still seen as an alien by the whites around her, because she’s black, but too assimilated for Africans. This cultural dilemma is an awful state to be in and she suffers greatly for it. For example, in her path to becoming a doctor she faces discrimination for being black and a
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A Raisin in The Sun exemplifies how white racism has forced thousands of families to give up their culture and identity in hopes to progress in a society set against them. Though the play highlights the negativity the Younger’s experienced, it shows how perseverance and determination can lead to success. This proves that freedom does exist. In America today African Americans have found ways to gain their freedom, they are able to succeed as themselves, the ultimate sense of
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