Freedom In Martin Luther King's Under The Rice Moon

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A wise man once said, “Let freedom ring…” this wonderful story is directly related to this quote. Everything in the world needs freedom, spread their wings and relax! However, there are always people trying to stop anyone from having that freedom. This story, “Under the Rice Moon,” explains a bird that is anxious to go under the rice moon, but many people stop halt him from doing it which is horrific, one after the other people buy the bird with a price. Until the sick girl meets the bird she knows what he wants and lets him free to fly anywhere and because of that the bird always flies past her window every day. This books related to a man named, “Martin Luther King,” he fought for his rights, even shouted like the bird, but people just disagreed!…show more content…
Some details that support this are that the swallow bird was locked in a cage urging to fly under the rice moon, but people were stopping him! In the story is states, “The boy trades a pair of his mother’s best brocade slippers for the swallow and lifts the cage to look at the bird. “I promise to take care of you, little bird, the boy murmurs”. The cliff swallow coos, How I would like to fly under the rice moon!” This boy is stopping the bird from getting under the rice moon just like all the characters, but none of them can understand what the bird is saying! The author uses the characters to express the theme by placing the swallow in a cage, and making the rest of the characters except the sick girl be against the bird and stop him from going under the moon which was what the bird originally wanted to do. In a sense the people except the sick little girl are the villains, the sick little girl is the hero and the bird in the cage is the hostage. In the story it states, “ “Oh, please let me fly under the rice moon tonight!” But the man does not understand the swallow’s language.” People don’t understand the bird and the freedom he
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