Freedom In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Freedom From Reality In a smaller world where freedom and the ability to think for one’s self is limited, Randle Patrick McMurphy, a man who despises authority, a man who wants to be set free, a man who rebels, overrules and goes against the Big Nurse’s manipulative dictatorship. Although, accused of being mentally ill, McMurphy uses this to his advantage to have an easier time inside the hospital rather than being locked up in prison. Yet, freedom is still not granted. Ken Kesey uses setting, conflict, and point of view in order to create a sub society of freedom in a mental hospital. The setting being in a mental hospital gives the reader an insight on how the patient's states of mind are and how manipulative they can be, however Kesey portrays them almost as if they were brainwashed. “The setting of Ken Kesey's novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, is a mental institution in…show more content…
"Cartoon imagery is a major point aspect of Chief Bromden's pathologically skewed point of view"(Nastru). Chief Bromden’s perspective gives the reader an idea of how the hospitals dictatorship was run and how McMurphy riled everyone up to get what they rightfully deserve. Another aspect the reader can understand from this view is that McMurphy was never mentally ill. The Big Nurse believed that his insanity was the cause of all his mischief and chaos.”an individual’s unacceptable behavior derives partly from violating social norms, and not entirely from psychological or biological reasons. What may be considered “normal behavior” in one social group may be determined as “abnormal” in another”(Martin). Being said the chief also gives the reader an understanding of how catastrophic the nurse can be and how her inhumane her acts are, which ultimately led to McMurphy’s
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