Freedom In The Brothers Karamazov

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Many centuries ago people have brought authority to the most of human activities themselves; therefore, it still controls and imposes individuals in actions and wishes. Eventually, ¬nowadays freedom has become one the most desired thing. People instinctively think that freedom is the thing that cures the world and authority is the thing that infects the world. Even though, step by step human beings are getting to be used to believe that authority is a dangerous and terrible thing. Humans return to authority even if they have the freedom, because their answer lies in comparison. Societies’ common sense becomes higher than people’s nature, so they start to understand that for the bright future they need the authority, because the freedom is very quick and unstable moment and the source of freedom is authority. Surely, at the beginning concept of freedom is very tempting, you feel free to do everything you want. Freedom gives you opportunities to live in a way you want. However, humans’ egoism and selfishness disturb others’ freedom, because they think freedom is something that will solve their life problems and reduce responsibility from them. These circumstances make humankind incapable of using their freedom and create chaos. Thus, persons realize that it is necessary to create something that can control them and prevent chaos. And the example of comparison between authority and freedom is Jesus and The Grand Inquisitor in “The Brothers Karamazov”. On the one hand is Jesus
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