Freedom In The Truman Show

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What we desire, and we need has a very clear distinction. Desires may not increases the chances of survival, but what we need is it self our survival. The things we try to obtain may include,independence,rights, and most importantly freedom. Freedom is only obtained for our enjoyment but is it really what we need? A certain movie revolving around this very subject answered my question, the movie was called “The Truman Show”. The segment that really caught my attention was the first scene that showed the director of Truman’s life talking about the perfect world that be home to Truman for the rest of his life.Truman lives perfectly happy with no Freedom,Rights,and independency. Truman still sought his freedom and escaped the artificial world he was in. Why would we face the dangers of the world if given the choice. So I thought, why would we still want Freedom anymore. That was when I realized, the best way to live life, is to live in detainment. The world that Truman lives in a is a very simple world, because it was a world with very limited freedom. Truman was always being…show more content…
The Giver was a story of a boy named Jonas who lived in a false reality similar to Truman’s. Everyone was detained inside an area for live, never having full control of their own lives, because of the same purpose. This purpose was to protect us from the dangers of the real world, and create a haven. Eventually, both Truman and Jonas escaped their haven and returned to the outside world in order to regain their freedom. They were willing to give up their safety and tranquility for a new life which is a degrade of their own. Both their lives were being controlled and both of them wanted freedom for their own selfish reasons which was why once again Thomas Hobbes was right about human behaviors and how we are very selfish even if the best thing is right in front of us we would still be selfish and do what we
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