Freedom Is A Constant Struggle: Chapter Summary

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From the genocides of different ethics, to freedom is taken away in minority nations. Angela Davis expresses her views on political aspects of hard punishment upon human beings Americas’ society. She composed many books supporting her idea on political activism. In chapter 9, “Freedom Is A Constant Struggle,” opens different viewpoints, as a results of a transition in today’s society, starting from the 1960’s to the age of Obama. In addition to the few minority groups, as she relates in this book, the similar of a constant struggle for freedom with in the different ethics groups. In her other book chapter 5 “Are Prisons Obsolete?” Angela Davis conveys the ideology of imposers using racism’s and prison labor for profit in advantage to the elites. She expresses her claim by including the data of black males…show more content…
In that case the “Black Liberals” where born again. With the history, knowledge, and experience, Angela Davis supports a connection between the powers behind suffering, not only to Americans but as she mentioned the Black Panther movement in Newland, Brazil, and Israel. The struggles seem to have a symbolic relationship in every weakness within the culture. Other racial group’s targeted minority was talked about as they faced them in times. In chapter “Are Prisons Obsolete?” Angela Davis strictly points out factors in results of the elites methods to be in total control. African Americans are highly accounted for in incarceration as an addition to the prison industrial complex. Mental health conditions are then vulnerable in the prison community which helps the cycle. This Cycle as she describes, is a great catalyst towards business and global economics. The more arrest in the minority communities, mean more money towards their
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