Freedom: A Crucial Issue In My Culture

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Freedom From where should I start? Is freedom an absolute right? Is it not? The word freedom is one of the most meaningful words that could ever be defined. It is defined from different aspects. The word freedom is simply life because without freedom, life will be meaningless. Without freedom, life will be a waste of time. Its definition changes from a person to another. Freedom is a right that should be given to almost everyone. People are born to be free. They are born to live their lives the way they want. Each culture has its own way of defining the word freedom. It can be defined differently from a person to another, from a family to another, from a city to another, and from a country to another. The best freedom is to find yourself. Without…show more content…
Kurdistan is an Islamic country, more than the other religions. The majority here are muslims. It is very easy for individuals to change their religion if they do not believe in Islam or whatever other religion that their parents are believing in. What is not easy is that if one changes his or her religion from Islam to another, then many people will not look at you the way they used to look at you before. “The gift of God is freedom” (Miscellany). We are born with freedom, but the places we born in limit freedom for us. Freedom varies from a place to another. If you are a kid, a teenager, an adult, it does not matter, freedom is limited to you in Kurdistan. However rule of the family is, that is how the person’s freedom will be. This quote shows how freedom is a gift from God. He has given us freedom, so that we become the person we have meant to be and not by sticking to some tradition or family rules or whatsoever that keeps us from being ourselves. “Religious freedom is often thought to protect, not only religious practices, but also the underlying religious beliefs of citizens” (Brettschneider). For example, a very close friend of my cousin, Ramyar, changed his religion from Islam to Christian without his family even knowing about it. Deep inside he was a very religious Christian, but he was afraid to show it to the world that he is a Christian. Lack of freedom will cause disasters. Now, he is struggling with the fact that he cannot be free without someone bullying him or sometimes it goes to torchering as well. See, without having the freedom of choosing, bad will happen to
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