Freedom Is Intended As A Challenge, By Naomi Wolf

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Being born free in America is nothing, but does not sound like the truth. America is known as a symbol of freedom though how much freedom does people really have? People in America need to take serious risks in order to earn their freedom that they want. Though when people try to express their freedom they get locked away by the government. No one ever can be free unless they fight for what they believe in. Today, life can be unfair for those people who seek to be free from people who have big power over them. According to Naomi Wolf the author of “Freedom is Intended as a Challenge,” people can get the freedom they want, if they will learn how to extend happiness. In her article she takes Thomas Jefferson declaration and identifies three main points that make many people believe that freedom is…show more content…
Pursuit of happiness, Individualism and Liberty. Wolf said, “Rather, it is saying something darker and more personally demanding: you have a sacred obligation to take the most serious possible steps and undergo the most serious kinds of personal risks in defense of this freedom that is your natural right; and you must rise up against those who seek to subdue you- wherever and whenever they appear” (634,635). She believes that citizens can gain freedom by taking personal risks when acting as individuals. To support this, author of “The War on Negative Liberty” Katherine Mangu-Ward want people to fight for their rights. For example, in her essay she describes Taliban rule over Afghanistan in the early 21st century. It explains the law of women’s rights, which prohibit women to eat ice cream in public
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