What Are The Limits Of Freedom Of Expression

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Assignment 2 Made by: Maham Jaffery (Sem 6) 2/15/2016 Subject: Global Communication The limits of freedom of expression are bound together with public safety and governmental stability. Furthermore, governments may place restrictions on their citizens’ freedom of expression in times of instability. For instance, during times of rioting or civil unrest the government may place restrictions on freedom of expression in order to constrain that violence also it might limit freedoms of some individuals in order to preserve the political system. Freedom of expression in global perspective: In order to explain freedom of expression in global perspective, there are a few examples of certain countries where there is and is not freedom of expression via social media to certain extent. Example of China: China is…show more content…
Citizens who express their problems or post about their problems on their online accounts eg facebook pages don’t get a response and neither are their problems addressed. So although there is a certain amount of freedom of expression but it is not much beneficial practically apart from the fact that it creates awareness and tends to reveal such information that is censored on traditional media of Pakistan. Conclusion: Thus it is evident from the above examples that freedom of expression exits on social media but to a limited amount, it is up to the people to use it constructively or destructively. But freedom of expression is important for people so that people have an opportunity to express themselves and to raise their voice. There are many impositions and legal implications of freedom of expression too but it is through social media that people raised their voices and brought changes in the past few
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