Sacrifice In America

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What is America, what makes this specific country stand out so much? The United States is an exceptional country made up of 50, independent, free states. The country was declared as independent in 1776, and it has grown and developed so much in every way, since then. The country started as nothing and has only gone up, creating everything from scratch. From my perspective, it is hard to construct something from nothing, of course I only know this from making science projects, but in the end, the context can be perceived as the same thing. If I ever have to describe this country, I would say, it is indescribable, but I can say how it affects me and everyone around. The United States of America affect people through freedom, hope, and sacrifice. . I presume that America affects people through freedom, because it is known for being a free country. Many countries have strict rules that are necessary to follow in order to not get punished. Of course, there are rules in America, but there is…show more content…
Sacrifice meaning, when soldiers leave their lives, expecting not to return, and fight for the country and everything it stands for. I say the word is ill-used because, I judge that some might not think deep enough about the definition of the word. When some say sacrifice, they might not think about the family that was left behind, or the difficulties that they have to go through, and worst of all, the hope that they were given that has been crushed. Sacrifice is important because if nobody sacrificed their life for their country, the country wouldn’t have a source to rely on for protection or stability. Sometimes it can be hard for someone to contribute to their country, so the few ways that there are can be very critical. The nation should be noticeably thankful, and perpetually grateful for anyone and anything that devotes themselves to their
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