Meaning Of Religion Essay

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What comes to people’s minds when they hear the word “religion” ? Religion which comes from the Latin language meaning “ the bond, connection” can be defined as a set of beliefs, practices and cultural systems about existence. It indicates a relationship between people, but also people and some higher power. The brain, “curious” part of our body always makes us think about questions: who I am,where I come from, why I live here. Religion helps us to answer these questions, because it points to explain the origin and meaning of life , and the Universe. From the ancient times, people have had different religions in every country of the world. There are five main spread religions in the world such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Budduism and Folk religion. Each religion has…show more content…
Religion and its symbols are parts of your culture, and identity and noone has a right to ask human to leave his identity and culture at home. Displaying religious symbols is not a problem , in fact the problem is how modern European goverments and societies can guarantee every person to live in peace, without regarding to people’s gender, religious beliefs , and etc. Moreover, in France and other European countries goverments have adopted legislation about banning hijabs in all public places. Women who wear hijabs cannot go to school, university, and they cannot work in governmental organizations. If just a fabric causes such troubles, conflicts and takes these opportunities away, then why wearing hijabs is so special for these women? For Muslim women, wearing hijabs symbolizes their service to God and it is more crucial for them before anything secular. In Quran God requires Muslim women to wear hijabs in public places and does not permit women to show their adornment infront of men , except their fathers , brothers and close
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