Norman Rockwell's Influence On American Culture

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Norman Rockwell is one of america's most famous painter, he grew in popularity because his painting showed descriptive details about american culture. They were so popular because their meaning were relevant even now. One painting “Saying Grace” caught my eye, it showed the very real problem that America is having with allowing being free to practice their own religion. The picture at first glance is of a mother and child praying in a busy cafe. After taking a deeper look at the photo, you will see disgusted faces all around the cafe looking at the mother and child. Even though America says it's all about freedom of religion, when tested we haven't been perfect saints to every who wanted to practice their own religion. The painting has two major themes that are prevalent. The first major theme is of the mother and child praying in the busy cafe. The second theme is the men around the cafe, with an obvious negative opinion of the mother and childs public display of their religion. Norman…show more content…
The painting “Saying Grace” depicts a part of american culture for the not so free freedom of religion that was prevalent back in the 1950’s, and even today. Today the majority of Americans look down upon many religions, but none more than muslim. Every since I have been alive I have heard some pretty bad stereotypes of muslims, and growing up in Dublin Ohio I didn't know many muslims so I would thought all these stereotypes were the truth. One report from the Pew Research Center stated that “49% of Americans said Islam is not more likely than other religions to encourage violence among its followers”(Greenwood). Much like in rockwell's painting im sure if a muslim mother and child sat down in a busy restaurant and prayed out loud for everyone to hear, the reaction would look much like the
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