Argumentative Essay: Cyberbullying

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Tiffany was scrolling through Twitter when she got a tweet from someone named

“Katy_Perry_is_life.” The comment stated, “Taylor Swift sucks! Katy Perry is queen!”

Taken aback from the rudeness, Tiffany felt rage build up in her stomach. Quickly typing back,

she said “My mother is a lawyer, she can sue you, cyberbullying is against the law!”

Soon after, Katy_Perry_is_life went to jail at the age of twelve, all because Tiffany got mad at

something dumb. Don’t be a Tiffany. Cyberbullying is freedom of speech and bullying is a

personal choice, Just because you stated your opinion doesn’t mean you should be punished.

Something most people forget about is the beloved first amendment, it is definitely one of

the most important rights
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I disagree, quoted the amendment saying,

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the
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The bully could have most likely been innocent, but no would would care

because the victim was now “sad”.

PsychologicalSciences.Org says, “not all aggression should be classified as

cyberbullying.” (PsychologicalSciences.Org, Are we Overreacting to Cyberbullies?)

What the perpetrator said could have easily been misunderstood, they could have put a

comma where it did not belong! The victim would claim that they meant otherwise.

PsychologicalSciences.Org also stated, “The bullying must be

intentional.”(PsychologicalSciences.Org, Are we Overreacting to Cyberbullies?) Guess what

would happen if it wasn’t and the victim claims it was? The law would take the victims side

because again, the alleged bully basically has no say in the matter.

The only time any type of bullying should be illegal is when it has already broken the

law. Like child pornography, or criminal offense ( stalking and/or threatening).

Other than that cyberbullying is a personal choice not the laws or the victims. There is a block and report button for a
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