Freedom Of Speech And Expression Essay

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Freedom of speech and expression is regarded as the first condition of liberty. Freedom of speech plays a crucial role in the formation of public opinion on social, political and economic matters. It embraces within its scope, the freedom of propagation and interchange of ideas, dissemination of information which would help formation of one’s opinion and viewpoint and debates on matters of public concerns.[1] Freedom of speech and expression implies the right to express one 's own convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode.
The phrase ‘speech and expression’ used in Article 19(1)(a) has broad connotation.[2] It is the legitimate right of every citizen to express his or her opinion, expose the misdeeds and anti-people policies of the government or to even disapprove of, express disaffection towards, question and condemn the
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Article 19 (1)(a) further announces: "All citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression." Freedom of speech and expression is not only the hallmark of a democracy, it is its very life blood. Innumerable treatises and pamphlets have been written in its praise and defense; many battles have been fought, claiming it as an inalienable human right. Its hymns have been composed by political thinkers from Thomas Jefferson to John Stuart Mill, from Thomas Paine to the Constituent Assembly in India. It is a cherished right of the people, and it is for the people. Of course, it is not an absolute right. But fundamental rights are the area where the State is prevented from treading. It is a clearance in middle of the jungle of State power. Under Part III of the Constitution of India, the citizen is granted a free arena where he/ she is protected intrusions of the State. In fact, the State is duty bound to protect the fundamental rights, for if not State, then
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